Will Yoga help my digestive system and help improve my metabolism?

Absolutely.  By working from the ‘inside out,’ Yoga will help to de-tox your organs and your skin. When our inner organs and our digestion are working in harmony with increased blood supply we will receive better circulation and increased metabolism.  You will see a definite decrease in body fat and weight and you will feel better and have more energy.

Do I need to be flexible and fit to come to a yoga class?

Many people think that because they are not flexible that Yoga isn’t for them, it is just the opposite!  By coming regularly 2 or 3 times a week, your body will transform from being un-flexible to flexible before your own eyes - just give it a little patience and time.  Also your fitness level will improve.  You are never too old and it is never too late to start.  You are never too stiff to come along to class... just start with us in the beginners classes.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the yoga class and what time do I arrive?

We have a small quantity of yoga mats that you can borrow, however we encourage you after a while to purchase your own.  We do have mats for sale in our shop.  All the equipment you need is at the studio. We have Eftpos too. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before class starts the first time that you come and then always at least ten minutes before each and every class starts.  The studio opens twenty minutes before classes start.

What are the benefits from meditation?

It relaxes the mind and decreases stress which we can meet everywhere in our daily life.  Meditation allows us to be more present and in the moment, more aware and more calm.  Meditation also increases our immunity power.  Most of our diseases originate from the mind level. If a person stays calm without stress and strains, he is less vulnerable to diseases - at least to some extent.

What do I need to wear for the yoga class?

Please wear something that you are comfortable to move in but nothing baggy, we need to see the shape of your arms and legs so a tighter T shirt and leggings/ shorts is far better than something flared or baggy. We don't wear socks or shoes inside the studio and there is plenty of space for you to leave your belongings safely during the class.

How often do I need to come to the yoga class to be able to feel the benefits?

Even by coming to class only once a week you will feel some benefits. Your body will feel stronger and more toned and your mind will feel calmer and clearer and in general you will feel more energised. We do recommend though for you to really start feeling a distinct change in your sense of well-being that you come as often as you can, 2 or 3 times a week would be very beneficial.   The more often you come, the more you will progress with the asanas and with your journey

Can I come if I have an injury?

Yes, please do come to class, arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can talk to the teacher so that they are aware of your issue and they can discuss and prepare for modifications to some of the postures. Practised correctly Yoga can help the healing process of many injuries and discomforts.

When should I eat if I am coming to class?

Don't eat a large meal for at least 4 hours before a class. A snack, such as fruit, toast or a smoothie is usually ok to have up to an hour before you practise.

Is it OK to drink water during the yoga class?

Rather than drinking water during class, we recommend that you have a good drink of water 20 minutes before your class and then leave it for 20 minutes after your class has finished before having another drink. We ask you to leave your water bottles with your belongings rather than bringing them onto the studio floor with you, thank you.

Is there a link between yoga and meditation and where is it?

Meditation is a part of the path of Yoga.  By meditating we can come to a calm space and state of mind. Yoga postures are a form of active meditation. Whilst experiencing the postures we practice keeping the mind focused on the present moment with our breath. Witnessing rather than becoming attached to passing thoughts or feelings. This helps to raise our awareness and helps to bring us more into the present moment.