Iyengar Yoga in Taupo

What is Iyengar yoga? 

Iyengar yoga is named after B.K.S. Iyengar, who brought about this unique style of yoga to the western world. It is based on the traditional Hatha Yoga system.  It follows a very clear and precise detailed approach, using alignment of the body in each asana (pose) that we do.

This alignment lends itself not only to the physical aspect of the practice, but also to muscular alignment, alignment of the nerves, fibres, and tendons. Following this method, helps to draw the mind inwards, so we become more consciously aware.

Props such as blankets, bolsters, chairs, straps, blocks, etc, are used to make the asanas more achievable for people, of all ages and abilities.  The props are also as an extension of your intelligence, to enable you to move deeper into your practice. 

Sequencing of a class, is based on how we open the body, and mind by starting with basic asanas, moving towards more complex ones.

Asanas are held for longer than most yoga poses in other classes.  This helps to gain stability, develop strength, and improve flexibility. A deeper understanding of the pose, and the awareness between the body and mind is developed.

Iyengar yoga is suitable everyone, at all ages and stages in life!